Gov’t Awards Ethiopian Tokyo Olympics Team


The government of Ethiopia awarded and honored the national athletics team that participated in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in a grand ceremony held at the National Palace on Thursday in the presence of President Sahilework Zewde.

It is to be recalled that Ethiopian Tokyo 2020 Olympics team had finished the competition with 4 medals including one gold medal.

The national Olympic Team of Ethiopia won one gold, one silver and two bronze.

The nation has won one Gold medal in the men’s 10,000 meter by Selemon Barega  Silver by Lemecha Girma with  Men’s 3000 meters.

Ethiopia has also got two bronze medals by Letesenbet Gideon and Gudaf Tsegay, in 10,000 meter and 5,000 meter women contest, respectively.

The participants have been awarded money and certificate of recognition based on the results they have registered in the race.

Accordingly, the gold medalist with 10,000 meter, Selemon Barega was awarded 3 million Birr worth car.

Bronze medalists Letesenbet Gideon and Gudaf Tsegay have received 1 million Birr each while 3,000 meter Silver  medalist Lemecha awarded 1.5 million Birr.

Speaking at the ceremony, President Sahilework Zewde noted the strange results registered by the Ethiopian Team at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as compared to the last 13 Olympics that Ethiopia had participated.

The President hence, urged all pertinent bodies of the athletics community to take their respective responsibly seriously to achieve a better result for the upcoming Olympic Games.

Other senior government officials including culture and Tourism Minister, Hirut kassew, Sport Commissioner Elias Shikure and members of the Ethiopian Olympic committee have attended the ceremony.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency