Gorgora Project Model for Speedy Execution of Big Dev’t Projects, With Own Resources: Ministers

The Gorgora project gives the lesson that it is possible to execute other big development projects within a short period, ministers said.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, ministers and senior government officials have visited the Gorgora Project in the Amhara region on Monday.

During the visit, the ministers said the unique tourist destination projects in Ethiopia are being built with own human resource, finance and leadership in a short period.

Education Minister, Professor Birhanu Nega said Gorgora Project exhibits that it is possible to implement big ideas and projects in a short period.

It also gives the lesson that the Ethiopian economy and image can be changed in the spirit of “it is possible,” he added.

Irrigation and Lowlands Minister, Aisha Mohammed said on her part that the project shows that it is possible to achieve such an effective work in a short period by creating effective leadership support, integrated work, and clarity of purpose.

And the fact that the construction work is being done by Ethiopians has a special significance, the minster stated.

Tourism Minister, Nasise Chali noted that the project is not only for the current generation but also for the future generation.

Innovation and Technology Minister, Belete Molla said Gorgora project has combined the natural and historical resources of the area in a beautiful and innovative way.

This will play a significant role in promoting tourism in Ethiopia, he stated.

Culture and Sports Minister, Kejela Merdasa appreciated the work progress in a short period and pointed out that the execution of the construction by Ethiopians is another special aspect of the project.

Women and Social Affairs Minister, Ergoge Tesfaye stated that the project demonstrated that it is possible to bring change by realizing ideas such as ​​this project into action in a short period of time.

The Gorgora project will also hopefully create jobs for women living in the area, she observed.

Revenues Minister, Aynalem Nigusse noted that the project is a showcase of planning and executing a project with self-finance.

Peace Minister Benalif Andualem said apart from its natural beauty the execution of Gorgora  is commendable.

Urban and Infrastructure Minister, Chaltu Sani said the Dine for Nation projects could change the image of Africa beyond Ethiopia.

Amhara Region Agriculture Bureau Head, Hailemariam Kefyalew said the project will change the gap in the implementation of major projects in Ethiopia.

For him, the project is a model for other development projects.

The Gorgora Project on the north shore of Lake Tana, south Gondar, was launched on March 2021.

Recall that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed introduced Gorgora, Wenchi and Koysha projects in August 2020 under the nationwide Dine for Nation Initiative.

The government is developing these projects with own resources, it was learned.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency

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