Global Food Policy Report Stresses Urgent Need for Rural Revitalization

Addis Ababa The Global Food Policy Report 2019 released by International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) today stresses on the urgent need for rural revitalization to address persistent crises in rural areas.

IFPRI Director-General Shenggen Fan stated during the launching ceremony that the report shows limited rural employment opportunities, poor access to basic services, and worsening environmental degradation continue to contribute to persistent poverty, hunger and malnutrition in many developing countries.

Therefore, a system wide transformation is needed to revitalize rural areas not only to achieve sustainable development goals but more broadly to make rural areas vibrant and healthy place to live and work, he added.

According to the report, revitalizing the world's rural areas through rurbanomics �an approach that emphasizes the linkages between rural and urban economies, approach is a key in achieving sustainable development goals.

Scaling up rural non-farm economic opportunities, building capacity for employment, developing markets, and creating clusters and special economic zones in rural areas can leverage economic scale and increase non-farm employment, according to the report.

It also stated that improving primary and secondary education as well as vocational training can support productive rural labor force.

UNDP SDGs Development Program Adviser, Alessandra Casazza said on her part there are opportunities to overcome food insecurity in African countries through investing on rural utilization, linking industry and agriculture, enhancing small-scale manufacturing activities and expanding industrial parks.

She added that economic integration and trade agreements among African countries create opportunities to achieve sustainable development goals of the continent.

According to the report, Global economic growth is projected to slow over the next two years, decreasing to 2.9 percent annually in 2019 and 2020.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency