Gambella Regional Mov’t Pledge to Support Ongoing Reform

Addis Ababa Leaders of Gambella Regional Movement (GRM) pledged to support and undertake the ongoing extensive national reforms to the people of Gambella.

In a press conference he gave today, GRM Vice-President, Peter Omot stated the strong determination of the party to pursue the reform and accelerate the democratization process.

Re-establishing neutral electoral board, enhancing the safeguarding capacity of democratic and human rights institutions, and devising better democratic system of appointing legislative, executive and the judiciary bodies are among the parties priorities.

People of the region, which has 9 tribes, have not been equally benefited, the Vice-President pointed out we will struggle to ensure and maintain the people's equal benefit as well as representation.

Speaking of multiplicity of political parties in Ethiopia, he stated that the movement and Patriotic Ginbot 7 Movement had been supporting over the years and added eventually we may merge with PG 7 or other parties of similar political ideology.

He said that the party with the support of the people and concerned stakeholders will focus on repatriation and rehabilitation the people of Gambella that were displaced over the years.

Peter emphasized it is time for the youth to take the already begun reform democratization process further.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency