Full Statement of the CEO of the Interim Administration of Tigray Regional State



A Call to Ensure People Centered, Peaceful and Stable Administration in Tigray.

At the outset, it is important to reach consensus on the huge threat that the death, injury, human rights violations, displacement, severe psychological damages, destruction and looting of hard-earned properties, proliferation of polarized and extremist stances, as a result of the attack carried out on the 3rd of October, brought on the good will of people to live peacefully and in harmony.

As I started the huge duties entrusted on me to minimize the damage and injuries, heal them and change the objective reality on the ground though measures with the spirit of forgiveness and commitment towards ensuring peace, I am confident to get full support from the people of the region, the federal government, the entire people of Ethiopia, the diaspora community and the international community for the success of my mission.

It is important to understand that the objective reality in Tigray region, particularly in identifying problems and find solutions, needs the understanding of the root causes and the impact of the basic issues as well as find viable solutions that would be implemented phase by phase with the consent of the people, commitment and with bravery.

It is also important to remain cognizant of the huge challenges and difficulties over the last several months in the efforts towards saving the lives of people, minimizing the humanitarian crisis and also ensuring peace and stability in the region.

It is time to take appropriate leadership measures to effectively reverse the situation that led to the death and injury of youth, girls and even minors and destruction of property during the operation to ensure rule of law and the sporadic clashes that followed the operation.

The major measures taken by the federal government during the law enforcement operation are aimed at implementing the government’s legal responsibilities and duties; and the activities of law enforcement entities are conducted through consensus to reverse the threat against unity and peace. I want to clear the reality that I make sure while following the situation that the restoration of relative peace and stability in the region with the cost of life sacrifice.

It is also necessary to admit that over the last six months, citizens had no means of defending themselves were subjected to violations of human rights, women and children were raped, others were subjected to disabilities, public development institutions worth billions of birr were demolished, institutions that were providing health and social services were looted and damaged beyond repair, schools were destroyed, even properties of poor farmers, including their livestock on which they depended for their food and livelihood needs were taken away or destroyed, due to actions taken by armed groups.

As I have been on senior government positions, I believe that the primary responsibility in the advent of such catastrophes should be to take urgent measures that would help to minimize the damages and prevent further damages in the process of conducting speedy lifesaving activities, reverse the huge threat against unity of the country, and in general engage in activities that ensure peace and stability so that to save the lives of people and further damage.

During my service over the last six months for the people of Tigray and to all our people in the challenging situation that needs caution, I recognize the limitations in every aspect; I would like to seize this opportunity to sincerely appeal to the people to support me prioritizing their peace and stability to successfully achieve the work of saving lives, peace building and rehabilitation.

As I put it previously, resolving the crisis in Tigray requires understanding the root causes and approaching the challenges in a balanced manner, understand and interconnection between challenges and verify their impacts, regarding the solutions, it should consider the full picture and prioritizes the agenda of peace and stability. It is also important to understand the importance of the public’s desire and comprehensive participation should put at the center.

At this point in time, it is very important to realize that the provision of basic services and assurance of sustained peace and stability in the region needs to work on the people to ensure their comprehensive participation. In this regard the efforts of the government to listen to the concerns and worries of the people and engages to urgently address the concerns should be considered as a positive development particularly among the people of Tigray.

On the other hand, conclusions such as such types of damages are common during conflict and instability; and efforts in belittling the magnitude of the sufferings of the peoples and undermining the response of the federal government and the interim administration need to be rectified as they would expose the region to the conspiracies of foreign and local forces.

Being open about the situation in Tigray and engage in activities and be part of efforts to change the situation doesn’t need political or ethnic affiliation. So, I want to make a call to citizens to reach for their fellow citizens in all places, to protect them from hate speech in the social media platforms and work places, to show compassion and friendship in practice, and restrain from using abusive words and instigating hatred and to bring shame to those who are working to profit from this; in general to contribute their share in the efforts to restore peace and stability to the region.

All Peoples of Our Country

Peace is the agenda of patriots that requires greater patience; thinking in the broader scope; daring to face what apparently seems impossible; seeing the future, having a clear perspective of the past events.

We have seen people lost their lives, displaced from their villages and other sore fruits of hatred due to the activities that were carried out for years to instigate hatred among brothers and neglected issues. As they are not comparable with the long rooted tradition of fraternity and sympathy, as people we need to start working to pass to the next generation trust instead of vengeance, forgiveness, cooperation and fraternity.

At this juncture, I would like to appeal to all our people particularly the federal government, the peoples of neighboring regions and Eretria, members of the diaspora community, academicians, community centers, persons in the creative arts, influential persons and institutions, the media and activists, religious fathers, elders, youth and women associations, citizens engaged in private and public services, to provide your heart, time and support to the efforts towards ensuring peace, stability and justice, as well as contributing to humanitarian assistance and rehabilitation of the region.

Finally, I would like to confirm that the interim administration of Tigray is ready to cooperate and work in collaboration with all stakeholders and partners who wish to permanently solve the problems in Tigray in all aspects and have constructive and peaceful as well as legal systems and solutions and want to call the people to discharge their share in this historic time.

Abraham Belay (PhD),

CEO, Interim Administration of Tigray Regional State


Source: Ethiopia News agency


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