Foreigners Describe Timket As Unique Festival To Visit, Sign Of Peace For Whole Country

Foreigners who participated at Jan Meda Timket Celebration have described the festival as unique and a sign of hope and peace for the whole of the country.

Timket (Ethiopian Epiphany) which is inscribed as world’s heritage by UNESCO is the most popular holiday throughout the country.

Foreigners who attended Timket celebration at Jan Meda today praised the unique and magnificent cultural and ceremonial conduct of festival.

Tonbjonn Toll, from the Church of Sweden said it is a blessing for him and for everyone who is participating as well as for the whole of Ethiopia.

“I am very happy to see all the people gathering and I hope that this will be a sign of hope and peace for the whole of the country,” he elaborated.

Aron Gebre Amaunel from the UK said that it’s a great blessing and he is very happy to be here and experience this festival.

“When we look at Ethiopian people, and this faith and ceremony, there is no like it in the world. It’s unique to Ethiopia. So for me to be here feels great blessing. We only see a celebration like this in this country,” he described.

He expressed his firm belief that he would advise tourists and everybody to come and visit Ethiopia as well as partake in this great ceremony to learn about what is going on, to learn about history and culture of Ethiopia.

“Coming to the country itself is amazing. But attending a ceremony like this just proves the uniqueness that you will find when you come to Ethiopia. You only find this ceremony in Ethiopia,” he added.

Lisa Gideon from the USA said “my family and I come from Michigan, USA and we have a son that is adopted from Ethiopia. We wanted to bring him back to experience the culture and heritage in Ethiopia.”

She stated that “It is a beautiful experience; we have been warmly welcomed and received with hospitality. It is a beautiful country and people to visit.”

“I encourage anyone to come to be respectful and kind to the Ethiopian people,” she indicated.

Furthermore, Gideon stated that they have seen the different parks that have recently been built in Addis Ababa Friendship and Unity Parks, those beautiful places to visit.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency