Foreign National Describes Mammoth Rally as Exemplary Resistance to Westerner’s Interference

A foreign national who attended the massive demonstration at Addis Ababa today described it as exemplary resistance to the West’s repeated interference in the domestic affairs of Ethiopia.


Ethiopians, at home and abroad are denouncing Westerner’s interference in the country’s internal affairs.


In today’s massive protest here in the capital Addis Ababa, the demonstrators condemned  some western countries, including the United States of America, to refrain from pestering the government and supporting the TPLF.


Approached by ENA, Wang Ping, a Chinese national, said he was very amazed by the huge rally that gathered to condemn foreign forces interfering in the sovereignty of their beloved nation.


Ping, who is working as a communication expert in Ethiopia, noted that Ethiopians have once again proved their historical legacy by refusing to yield to foreign pressures.


He observed that Ethiopians staged a large-scale peaceful procession to tell the Westerner powers to stop interfering in domestic issues and supporting the terrorist TPLF.


“The demonstration here at Meskel Square is very peaceful. This is a great manifestation of the fact that Ethiopians people do not want the US and the Western countries to interfere (in their affairs.”


Among the banners the demonstrators carried included: “No More to Proxy War, Stop Intervention in the Name of Humanitarian Aid, TPLF Is the Main Cause of Instability, Respect Our Sovereignty, and  A Threat to  Ethiopia’s Stability Is A threat to International Peace, and  others.”


Ping agreed with the protesters that the Western countries engaged in unprecedented pressure against the Ethiopian government and the sovereignty of the nation.


He particularly blamed the US for giving support to TPLF.


“Based on my experience in the past two years about the war between the government and the TPLF, I can safely say that the US always jumps out pointing this and pointing that whenever the TPLF faces some problem and the battle… But this is definitely Ethiopia’s domestic issue.”


The Chinese emphasized the need to support the Government of Ethiopia which is seeking a peaceful alternative for the conflict in northern Ethiopia.


“We should support the government. The government is always showing its interest in having  peaceful talks. However, the TPLF launches surprise attacks repeatedly against the Ethiopian National Defense Force.”


He believes that some people in Europe and the United States of America have still remained obstacles to lasting peace in Ethiopia.


“The major difficulty is these Western forces are interfering in the domestic issues of Ethiopia. This is wrong, and it is not good.”


Ping shares the anger of Ethiopians as a Chinese person because they also interfere in Chinese domestic issues such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and others.


The communication expert finally called for the proxy wars of the West to be stopped so that “we can have peaceful countries and peaceful world.”




Source: Ethiopia News Agency

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