Foreign, Local Universities to Establish Omo Turkana Research Center

Universities from Canada, the USA, Kenya, and Ethiopia are working to establish the Omo Turkana biodiversity research center in the Omo Rift valley, according to Jinka University.

The researchers are undertaking a field visit in the area in order to unleash the various biodiversity potential.

Jinka University Vice President, Elias Alemu told ENA that the research center will primarily focus on utilizing the untapped resource in the area, especially in fishery and agriculture.

Jinka university is carrying out activities to institute center of excellence in the areas of animal and fishery resources development as well as bio-diversities and agro industry.

In this regard, the establishment of the Omo Turkana biodiversity research center in the Omo Rift valley will serve as an additional potential, he added.

According to the Vice president, the efforts being underway by the Jinka University to establishing partnership with various foreign Universities and research centers will help the University to realizing its plans as center of excellence.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency


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