FCCA Says Human Rights Protection in Correctional Centers Have Improved

Addis Ababa Human rights protection in federal correctional centers have shown improvement following the measures taken during the last few months, according to the Federal Correctional Centers Administration (FCCA).

Federal Correctional Centers Administration Director-General, Jemal Abaso told journalists today that the administration has been conducting extensive reforms in all the centers.

According to him, various training were given to more than 700 corrections officers over the last six months as a strategy to improve the protection of human rights in prisons.

As part of the reform, more than 103 administrators have been replaced, Jemal stated.

The director-general said that over 1600 inmates have also been pardoned in the past six months in the spirit of the ongoing reforms in the country.

The reform in the correctional centers also includes advancing quality of life of persons in detention by providing them with health services, informal education, technical and vocational education, he pointed out.

Jemal claimed that the improvements have been witnessed by several institutions including the House of people's Representatives and international human rights organizations.

Source: Ethiopia News agency