External Forces Pressing Sudan To Disrupt GERD Filling, Through Hybrid War: American Political Analyst

External elements are unofficially pressing Sudan to advance their shared aims to destabilize Ethiopia through hybrid War, the American political analyst Andrew Korybko said.

It is attempting to advance a hybrid war against Ethiopia by holding border issues hostage and to disrupt the third filling of the GERD.

The Government of Ethiopia has rejected the misrepresentation of facts and unjust Sudan blame on Ethiopia regarding the recent tragic incident that occurred at the common border of the two countries this weekend.

Talking to ENA, Andrew said Sudan is “unofficially under Egyptian control, which in turn cooperates with some external countries to advance their shared aims related to destabilizing Ethiopia through hybrid war.”

Sudan is being exploited as a proxy for destabilizing Ethiopia at the most sensitive moment in a century, he said, adding “with its patrons probably hoping that this contextual-systemic pressure could succeed in coercing unilateral concessions from it.”

Moreover, he elaborated that the third filling of GERD is regarded by them as unacceptable even though it is “Ethiopia’s sovereign and international right.”

“The latest Sudanese provocation is partially meant to punish Ethiopia for this,” according to Andrew.

Commenting on the need for the two countries to peacefully resolve their differences, he indicated while the best-case scenario is a peaceful political solution; however, he added that it appears unlikely as the leadership in Sudan has proven that they will do others’ bidding in pursuit of their shared interests in destabilizing Ethiopia.

He underscored that “unless Sudan can shake off the foreign yoke that it’s under, it’ll continue being exploited as the hybrid war pawn of others, which makes the best-case scenario mentioned above practically impossible to implement.”

“There are many who want us to slip into each other’s fight. But these parties — whether they are governments or others — will not reap any benefit from fueling strife between our two peoples,” Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said in his message yesterday.

There should be no enmities between Sudanese and Ethiopians, the prime minister said, and went on as saying: “Rather, we must be partners in development, and rise together. We have all respect for the brotherly Sudanese people. We believe that Sudan and Ethiopia are capable of solving all the problems and difficulties they face in the spirit of lasting brotherhood and good neighborliness.”

Source: Ethiopia News Agency