Ethiopia’s Resolve for Peace Agreement with TPLF Through Africa Union Initiative Commendable: Professor Getachew

The peace agreement signed between the Ethiopian government and the TPLF, giving the African Union the preeminent role in trying to solve the conflict was commendable, Morgan State University Political Science and International Relations, Professor Getachew Metaferia said.

The Ethiopian Peace Talks Delegation and the TPLF signed an agreement on 2 November, 2022 for lasting peace and permanent cessation of hostilities.

Speaking to ENA, Professor Getachew said Ethiopian government has taken a laudable stand by giving the African Union the preeminent role in trying to solve the conflict.

“In the Tigray conflict, and even in the GERD disagreement with Egypt, the Ethiopian government has taken a laudable stand by giving the African Union the preeminent role in trying to solve the conflict,” he stated.

“It [Ethiopia] correctly stood behind the truism of “African Solutions to African Problems.”

The AU is headquartered in Addis Ababa and Ethiopia played a significant role in the birth of OAU in 1963, the precursor of the current AU he said, adding “it, therefore, behooves Ethiopia to uphold the AU and call on it to fulfill one of its mandates of promoting peace, security, and stability in Africa.”

Moreover, Professor added that the peace agreement signed between the Ethiopian government and the TPLF is welcome news.

All peace-loving people, especially the most affected people of Tigray and the rest of the country, have been longing for a robust and durable peace, the professor added.

He said “they are the winners in this, and I would like to congratulate them.”

Both the Federal Government of Ethiopia and TPLF as well as AU High Representative for the Horn of Africa, former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, the South African government, and all others who tirelessly worked behind-the-scenes are the winners and must be congratulated, he elaborated.

“It must be recognized that peace is a prerequisite for a country’s sustainable development, to ensure human security, and eventually realize quality life. I would, therefore, say that what was so far achieved in South Africa was momentous.”

Professor Getachew commended the agreement underlining that  sovereign Ethiopia must have a single national defense force.

Moreover, professor Getachew stated that we have also to be realistic and expect that enemies of peace could work to undermine this noble effort in desire of a direct or indirect control on the process and promote their sinister schemes.

“That must be expected and factored in our imagination and calculation. I also hope that the agreement was reached in good faith,” he indicated.

Professor also expressed his hope that the regular members of the TPLF, at least the majority, would be satisfied with the accord, accept, and help the agreement be realized.

“Peace in Ethiopia is decisive for the entire Horn of Africa,” he said, adding it is bounded by six countries and its population claim extended family ties and affinities with those in the adjacent countries.

Professor Getachew pointed out that Ethiopia’s long history, population, economic potential, military, and diplomatic role in the region and beyond must be reckoned when we talk of the Horn of Africa and the continent.

“A destabilized and unstable Ethiopia, whether we like it or not, is a bad omen for Africa and a gloomy harbinger for what could unfold in the continent. That is why African countries closely follow what happens in Ethiopia and steadfastly stand behind her,” he noted.



Source: Ethiopia News Agency


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