Ethiopians Staging Nationwide Protests against Foreign Meddlesome

Addis Ababa May 30/2021 (ENA) Ethiopians staged protests against foreign meddling in the internal affairs of the nation in almost all major cities across the country on Sunday.

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Addis Ababa and gathered at the National Stadium, demanding foreign powers to hands off from the domestic affairs of Ethiopia.

The rally is aimed at informing everyone that Ethiopia will never accept any foreign interference, carrying slogans such as “Our Voice for Our Freedom and Sovereignty.”

Ethiopia is currently experiencing unjust pressures from some foreign powers that have never considered the objective realities in the country.

The sanction imposed by the U.S. administration on Ethiopia has not considered the long-standing good relationship exited between the two countries and the realities on the ground.

The demonstrators requested the Government of the United States of America to reconsider the imposed sanction on Ethiopia.


Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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