Ethiopians Express Support to ENDF, National Sovereignty

Residents of Jigjiga, Gambela, Semera, Dire Dawa and Harar have staged rallies to support the measures being taken by the Ethiopian National Defense Force to deter the war ignited by the terrorist TPLF by rejecting the repeated peace talks.

Demonstrators expressed their anger that it is the terrorist TPLF which is the cause of the current conflict in the northern part of Ethiopia; the group does not believe in peace, and demanded that the pressure being exerted on Ethiopia and meddling in the internal affairs of the country in the name of humanitarian aid should end.


The demonstrators in Jigjiga said Ethiopia is a country that has been living for centuries by protecting its sovereignty and national integrity.


The demonstrators said the undue pressure being attempted by some western nations against Ethiopia is unacceptable.


They have displayed different placards depicting messages including “Stop Meddling in the Internal Affairs of Ethiopia, TPLF is Bandit of Ethiopia’s Historical enemies,  We Will Stand By the Ethiopian Defense Force and Government.”

They have also expressed readiness to defend Ethiopia’s sovereignty by supporting the Ethiopian National Defense Force.


Ethiopians across the nation have staged rallies in huge numbers today in support of Ethiopia’s sovereignty, and territorial integrity, and denounced the meddling of foreign forces in the internal affairs of Ethiopia under the motto “I Stand for Ethiopia, I Raise my Voice.”




Source: Ethiopia News Agency