Ethiopians Devote to Celebrate New Year with Forgiveness, Love

Addis Ababa Ethiopians have expressed their New Year wishes, devoting to celebrate New Year with forgiveness, love, peace, and integrity.

Some residents from different parts of the country talked to ENA, the New Year all the success to Ethiopians in promoting unity and peace for the development of the country.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Nibure'ed Abba Yohannes said all Ethiopians should accept the New Year with new mind, enthusiasm, wisdom and initiation for peace and development of the country.

It is futile to celebrate the New Year without change in our mindset, acquiring new mission and consciousness in preparation for nationwide change in the New Year, he noted.

In the New Year, the government should respond to the demands of people in proper ways from appointed officials who should be eager to serve the people with spirit of responsibility, which makes the government to be accountable to the people.

Ethiopians are loyal to their country and submit to their true leader who is committed to serve their people, he pointed out, that the government should design strategies to resolve regional conflicts and through hearing the questions and demands of the people.

Fenta Tegegn, housewife who came from Debre Markos town in Amhara Regional state, expressing her wishes and urged the people to celebrate the New Year in helping orphans and vulnerable children.

She urged the people to invite needy children spare the New Year festivity together and provide them with school uniforms and stationery.

Fenta also pushes for the government on the need to increase its effort working with women and the youth in new synergy in the New Year.

According to her, women's participation in political and economic areas remains low in the town, and due to lack of job opportunities in the town, the youth who graduated in different professions are wasting their time unemployed.

Siraj Ibrahim, a businessman from Benshangul Gumz Reginal State expressed his wishes and says the New Year must be a time for proliferation peace, love and unity.

Recalling Diaspora communities are coming back to their homeland and the government needs to strengthen unity among nations and nationalities, he noted.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency