ADDIS ABABA-- Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been changing the Horn of Africa for the better with his wise leadership, including his efforts to end the deadliest civil war in South Sudan, says Juba's Ambassador to Ethiopia, David Dang Kong.

In an interview with the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA), he praised Premier Abiy, saying that he changed the situation in the Horn of Africa by helping the countries in the region to take control of the situation and the decisions.

Before Dr. Abiy came to office (In April this year), this region was hijacked. It was not the region deciding on our behalf, but the region was being held hostage by foreign powers, Kong pointed out.

According to Ambassador Kong, this situation has changed for the better after Abiy took office as the region has managed to take control of decisions on issues within the region. Our neighbors have come to rescue us. It is no longer foreigners; it is our people who rescue us," he said.

The war in South Sudan has come to an end because the agreement that has been signed in Khartoum (last week) was done by South Sudanese with the support of Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, and every member of our region, the Horn of Africa, he said.

Previous agreements reached between the two sides were known to be breached by both or either side of the parties. According to the Ambassador, that was happening because of the interference of foreign powers.

The other agreements failed because there was influence by foreigners. And the foreigners' interest was different; they didn't want peace in South Sudan and they didn't only want peace in South Sudan but they didn't want peace even in the whole region , Kong said.

But that was ended when Dr Abiy came to office; our region has changed for the better. And this is when and where we are able to take control of our issues and we handle them, he said.

The ambassador says the coming 38 months will be critical for South Sudan. The first Eight months from now are pre-transitional and 30 months for the formation of the transitional government and from then we will go for elections," he stated.

Since the situation has changed and the issue is being resolved there will be no two armies, the ambassador stressed, as the rebel forces will be integrated in to the national army.

South Sudan, the world's youngest nation, which got its independence from Sudan in July 2011, entered into civil war in 2013 after President Salvaa Kiir accused his former deputy, Riek Machar, of attempting a coup d'etat.

Hundreds of thousands have been killed and millions displaced because of the deadly conflict.