Ethiopian Muslims Reiterate Support, Solidarity for GERD Completion

Addis Ababa, May 13/2021 (ENA)  Ethiopian Muslim community reaffirmed its firm solidarity and support for the completion of the flagship project of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

Tens of thousands of Ethiopian Muslims sent a symbolic massage and demanded a swift completion of the GERD while observed the 1442nd Eid al-Fitr celebrations.

Approached by ENA, Ustaz Yassin Nuru, a Muslim scholar, said Ethiopia is building the GERD and starting to use its right for development on its natural resources. So, Ethiopians particularly the Muslims have now to come together and support for its completion.

According to him, Ethiopia believes firmly in equitable utilization of the Nile waters and it is already working to make the use of Nile water by building the Grand Renaissance Dam.

Ustaz Yassin highlighted that Egypt and Sudan, the downstream countries, should respect Ethiopia’s development right using its water resources including the GERD.

“In anyway, Ethiopia always relies on fairness and fair utilization of Nile water. The water will continue to flow to its natural course to the lower riparian countries after generating electricity. When we build this dam, our main goal is to solve the problem of 55 percent our population who lived without electricity not to harm other countries.”

Ustaz Yassin noted that Islam promotes fair use of resources and Ethiopians will stand together for fair use of water resources including the Nile waters.

“Accordingly, just as we stood together when the GERD started yesterday, we will stand together today for the completion of the dam. And we will travel to the end and bring our people out of darkness into the light,” he said.

Protuberant Islamic preacher, Ustaz Abubeker Ahmed, said on his part that there is a sham narrative that disseminated by Egypt and Sudan with respect to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

In this regard, Ethiopian Muslims have sent a clear message to Egypt and Sudan during the Eid al-Fitr celebrations to halt their fake narratives about the GERD. “Our Muslim community have strongly condemned the unfair use of Nile waters and to stop at some point,” he said.

He further emphasized that “the political and historical conspiracies by Egypt and Sudan have hampered the fair use of water from the beginning and put pressure on large portion of Ethiopians to be left without access to electricity. This inequitable approached has to be ended.”

Sheikh Ali Ahmed, Deputy President of Addis Ababa Supreme Islamic Affairs Council said Ethiopian Muslims should remain committed in a bid to compete the construction of the dam.

“Our dam is a project that is eagerly awaited by both Muslims and Christians for its successful completion. Therefore, the resources needed for its achievement will be provided by the Muslim society and we are committed to support the government as well in this respect,” he affirmed.

The Ethiopian Muslims beyond the Eid Al-Fitr holiday celebration unveiling unison and solidarity to the threat from the lower riparian countries on the construction of the GERD.


Source: Ethiopian News Agency


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