ADDIS ABABA, April 2- A Water Sector Working Group (WSWG), consisting of representatives of the Ethiopian government and the country’s development partners working in the water sector has been launched here to support mainstreaming integrated development and management of water.

The Working Group will provide a forum for the government and its development partners to jointly promote, support and co-ordinate sustainable development and management of water resources.

Establishment of the group is expected to help the country undertake water-related development activities in accordance with the government’s Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) through joint delivery of finance, planning and implementation of plans.

Speaking at the launching of the Working Group Tuesday, Ethiopian Water, Irrigation and Energy Minister Alemayehu Tegenu said the establishment of the group would enable all development actors to join efforts to increase water resource management in the country.

The group will help to further strengthen the co-operation between government and its partners towards better achievement in the sector, Alemayehu said.

The establishment of the Group will help to expand the experience from the ONE WASH Programme, a national programme established to jointly work on water supply, sanitation and hygiene, according to co-ordinator of the group secretariat, Mesfin Mulugeta.


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