Ethiopian Forces Advancing to Liberate Remaining Invaded Areas: State Of Emergency Command

The united Ethiopian forces have taken control of several towns in a military operation carried out over the past two days, the State of Emergency Command disclosed.

The command said in a statement it issued this afternoon that the Ethiopian allied forces have taken control of Qewet , Lemlem Amba, Jewha, Senbetie, Ataye and Kara Qore towns and their environs on the Shoa war front.

At the Gashena front, the forces have fully liberated Kon and Dawint towns from the invading forces of TPLF, it added.

According to the command, thousands of enemy forces have been surrendering following the joint military operation conducted in the invaded areas. It also urged the communities to hand over Prisoners of War (PoW) in all fronts by respecting the tradition of the country in handling of PoW.

The statement noted that the terrorist TPLF is engaged in disseminating fake information to cover up its humiliating defeat in the fronts and mislead its supporters by claiming that its forces have been making tactical retreat for strategic reasons.

The Ethiopian joint forces led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed are advancing to liberate the remaining areas invaded by the group under the “Campaign for Multinational Unity.”


Source: Ethiopia News Agency


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