Ethiopian Emperor’s Locks of Hair & Other Historical Relics Arrives in Gondar

Emperor Tewodros’s locks of hair and other historical artifacts that were looted during the battle of Meqdela by the British army 150 years ago have arrived in Gondar city of Ethiopia today.

The hair was cut from the King’s dead body and looted by an English military officer after the 1868 Battle of Maqdala.

It is to be recalled that the British Museum had returned the locks of hair and other historical heritages to Ethiopia after years of extensive efforts made by the government of Ethiopia and other pertinent actors.

Residents of Gondar city, government officials and prominent individuals have received these historical relics with a colorful event organized today in the city.

The artifacts include the King’s locks of hair, shield, sword, spiritual books and other 13 historical heritages, it was learned.

These historical heritages will be placed in Rasginb Museum of Gondar city to be visited by the public.

The artifacts are expected to be additional attractions to foreign and domestic tourists who visit Ethiopia to partake in the Ethiopian epiphany celebrated annually in the City of Gondar.

Annually, the Epiphany festival in Gondar is attended by a large number of local and foreign visitors.

It is to be recalled that Emperor Tewodros II killed himself rather than surrender to British troops at the battle of Meqdella in 1868.

Born in Gondar, Northern Ethiopia, Tewodros II was Emperor of Ethiopia from 1855 until his death in 1868.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency