Ethiopian Army Didn’t Involve in Recent Skirmish at Common Border of Ethiopia, Sudan

Ethiopian Defense Force did not involve in the recent skirmish occurred at the common border of Ethiopia and Sudan and no prisoner of war had been executed, according to Office of the Prime Minister Press Secretary

In her press briefing to the international media correspondents based in Addis Ababa, Office of the Prime Minister Press Secretary, Bilene Seyoum said Ethiopian side does regard the loss of life due to the skirmish triggered by Sudanese army unity.

The Ethiopian Defense Force didn’t involve in the skirmish and no prisoner of war had been executed, she added.

Bilene underscored that the Ethiopian government remains committed for amicable solution for any differences among states.

She explained that the people of Sudan are brotherly and sisterly nation and enjoyed very close relationship with Ethiopia.

“Our participation in the peace process with Sudan and the historical ties that have sustained this relationship is not something to be forgotten about. So I don’t believe that the skirmish would spoil that fact and the PM message also to reiterate the strong ties between the two countries as well.”

In his message to Sudan, Prime Minister on Wednesday twitted that there shouldn’t be confrontations between Ethiopia, Sudan because of external pressures.

“We have all respect for the brotherly Sudanese people. We believe that Sudan and Ethiopia are capable of solving all the problems and difficulties they face in the spirit of lasting brotherhood and good neighborliness,” he said.

Ethiopia maintains the posture of establishing and maintaining friendly relations with all of its neighbors, Bilene noted.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency

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