Ethiopian Ambassadors Call on Diaspora to Visit Ethiopia, Enjoy Spectacular Occasions

Addis Ababa Ethiopian diplomats have called on the diaspora community to visit Ethiopia and enjoy the spectacular upcoming events with the beautiful weather in their country.

Ethiopia’s Ambassador to the U.S Seleshi Bekele, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Canada, Fistum Arega, and Ethiopia’s Ambassador to the UK, Teferi Melesse told ENA today that they are enjoying the Ethiopian Christmas eve here in Ethiopia.

Diplomats representing Ethiopia across the globe have been attending the annual evaluation meeting in the African Leadership Excellence Academy.

Ambassador Seleshi Bekele said the Ethiopian Diaspora would have a lot of fun here and the climate is wonderful unlike in the countries they live in this season.

Visits obviously require some level of planning, the ambassador noted, adding that “if you have the opportunity and could easily travel, however, please come and enjoy at least the Ethiopian Epiphany, which is a highly celebrated event in the country.”

Ambassador Seleshi urged not only the Ethiopian Diaspora to come with their families and celebrate the events, but also foreigners.

Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Canada, Fitsum Arega said on his part that Christmas celebration and the other upcoming events in Ethiopia during this season are distinct.

“I, therefore, encourage the Ethiopian Diaspora and friends of Ethiopia and anybody who wishes to visit Ethiopia to come to the country and see the colorful celebrations in this beautiful weather.”

In Ethiopia, you don’t need a heater or cooler any time. With natural condition and the welcoming Ethiopian people, celebrating both Ethiopian Christmas and the special Epiphany program within two weeks is thrilling, he stated.

Ambassador Fitsum noted that there are also new tourist destinations built over the past two years in the country. Therefore, we specifically encourage the diaspora to come to Ethiopia, enjoy the weather and the hospitality of the people.

Ethiopia’s Ambassador to the UK, Teferi Melesse said, “I would like to invite the Ethiopian Diaspora to come and enjoy their culture, story, people and their families.”

Source: Ethiopian News Agency