Ethiopia Working to Further Revitalize Partnership With Int’l Community

Ethiopia is working to further revitalize its partnership with the international community, Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Briefing the media today, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Meles Alem said that in the field of diplomacy, a concerted effort will be made by the ministry and missions to create an opportunity for Ethiopia to move past the phase that existed during the war and work with a new spirit, cooperation, and respect.

“Our differences with certain countries and organizations related to the conflict are a thing of the past, so we are working to strengthen our relationship with the international community,” he pointed out.

On other hand, he stated that, different countries, international and continental organizations as well as international financial institutions have been welcoming the peace agreement reached between the government and TPLF to end the conflict.

The international community is pledging commitment to provide the necessary support in order to help the effective implementation of the peace agreement.

The friends and partners of Ethiopia have also been expressing support to reconstruct areas affected by the war and resettle the displaced persons as well as to return the TPLF combatants to a peaceful life, according to Meles.

He explained that the meeting of the Ethiopian National Defense Force and TPLF commanders in Nairobi, Kenya is considered as good start.

The Spokesperson urged the diaspora community to preach unity instead of differences, as a patriot of peace in order to heal the wounds of the people underlining the need to bring the displaced people to a normal life.

“We encourage the diaspora community to work together for recovery and development efforts,” he added.

This peace agreement opened new chapter, he said, calling all Ethiopians to play their role for its successful implementation.

According to Meles, Ethiopia’s insistence and strong commitment on finding an African solution to the issue has brought significant results.

Speaking on the diplomatic activities, Meles said, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is participating in COP27 summit being held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt and he has discussed with the leaders of various countries and the heads of international institutions at sidelines of the summit.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency

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