Ethiopia Working to Build Professional Army Free from Political View

Addis Ababa The government of Ethiopia is working to build a professional army that is not affiliated to a particular group or political view, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said.

The Premier has been insisting on the need to build military, which is free from political views since he took office in April.

Abiy made the remark at the graduation ceremony of 130 military officers with diploma and masters degree. Ten of the graduates are from neighboring countries.

Saying that his government is working to further enhance the capacity of the armed forces, Abiy urged the graduates to apply their knowledge to support efforts towards building a professional institution.

Underlining the double responsibility that the defense force shoulders in respecting the rule of law, Abiy appreciates the activities that the defense force has undertaken to maintain peace and stability in the Eastern part of the country.

Abiy, who condemned violations carried out in parts of the country, urged the need to stop such actions, as such things could undermine the stability of the country.

It is important to differentiate between freedom and mob politics that violates law and order, he said.

Chief of Staff of the National Defense Forces General Seare Mekonnen emphasized on the need to build strong, modern and professional institution which works based upon the constitution, having clear point of view and capable to fight in any war.

Besides equipping the defense force with military technology, it is important to work on the officers in order to create such kind of institution.

The defense force through its collage established in 1998 E.C. will continue to train officers in order to realize the ongoing efforts towards building professional force, he said.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency