Ethiopia to Export Meat to China, Indonesia

Ethiopia is undertaking preparations to export meat to China and Indonesia markets, according to Agriculture Authority.

Export Abattoir Supervision and License at Agriculture Authority, Ayalew Shumet told ENA that Ethiopia’s current meat export stands at 22,000 tons while its potential is 200,000 tons.

Efforts are underway to expand market destinations from Middle East to Far East, he said, adding that it has started exporting to Vietnam and Comoros in the past three years.

Animal Product Quality Control Expert at the Authority, Belachew Bacha various works are underway to standardize quality of meat to be exported.

He added that modern laboratories are in place to do that and boost productivity.

Quality and standard assurance is being taken to meet the needs of China and Indonesia, Belachew stated.

China and Indonesia are now some of the world largest markets, it was learned.

According to the Authority, the nation has gained 50 million USD from meat export revenue in the last 6 months of the current Ethiopian fiscal year.

Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait are the major market destinations of Ethiopia’s meat product, it was learned.

Ethiopia is working to export 28 tons of meat to the international market and secure more than 150 million USD during the current fiscal year.

Illegal livestock trade, unstandardized breeding and export chain are constraining Ethiopia’s benefit from meat which is among the best quality, he added.

Ethiopia is endowed with significant livestock resources and holds the largest livestock population in Africa, estimated at around 70.2 million cattle, 42.9 million sheep, 52 million goats and 8 million camels.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency