Ethiopia, South Africa Working Together To Further Strengthen Cooperation on Regional, Int’l Issues Beyond Bilateral Ties

Addis Ababa (ENA) -Ethiopia and South Africa are working to further bolster cooperation on continental and global issues beyond their bilateral relations, Ethiopian Ambassador to South Africa Muktar Kedir said.

Ethiopia and South Africa have long-standing political, economic and social relations.

Ethiopian Ambassador to South Africa Muktar Kedir told ENA that Ethiopia and South Africa are working together on continental and international issues beyond bolstering their bilateral relations.

He elaborated that the two countries are working together in trade, investment, public to public relations and other sectors.

Apart from hosting the forum for the peace agreement reached between the government of Ethiopia and TPLF, the ambassador recalled that South Africa has played an important role in making the process conducive.

Ambassador Muktar stated that the peace agreement is a platform where success has been made in realizing “African solutions to African problems.”

Moreover, he elaborated that activities are underway to establish a strong economic diplomacy that will benefit both countries.

In addition to enhancing their bilateral relations, the two countries are working together to ensure mutual benefit by taking common position on continental and global issues, according to the ambassador.

South Africans were able to build a better country by solving the problems caused by the apartheid through dialogue, Ambassador Muktar noted, adding that Ethiopia will learn many experiences from South Africa especially for the success of the national dialogue.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency