Ethiopia: Site Management Support (SMS) Operational Areas, by Zone, As of March 2021


IOM’s Site Management Support/SMS (also known as Camp Coordination & Camp Management/CCCM) Programme serves displacement-affected communities in three main types of settings: 1) IDP sites (collective centres, planned sites, and dispersed settlements); 2) IDPs living in the community and 3) IDP returnees in their Kebeles of origin.

As of the end of March 2021, IOM’s SMS programme was covering 90 displacement-affected locations in Amhara,
Oromia, SNNPR, and Tigray Regions, as well as in Dire Dawa city, with project launch activities underway for Somali Region.

SMS supports government Site Management focal points (primarily Disaster Risk Management officials) to improve living conditions and access to services for affected populations through: Coordination and Information Management;
Site Maintenance and Improvements; Community Participation and Capacity Building.

IOM SMS has been responding to the Northern Ethiopia crisis since December 2020, in northern Amhara, and in Tigray from February 2021. Site planning for improved living conditions, and to support the relocation of IDPs in Tigray schools which are serving as IDP sites.

Across the country, SMS teams also work to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 since April 2020 in IDP sites and the host communities through intensive Risk Communication campaigns together with Health & WASH counterparts, training Community Committees and the wider community on COVID mitigation measures, and carrying out site improvements to improve infection prevention and control (IPC). Crucially, IOM SMS has also supported local authorities to develop Woreda-level, site-specific COVID-19 preparedness and response standard operating procedures (SOPs) in IDP sites



Source: International Organization for Migration


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