Ethiopia Set to Build over 100 Small, Medium Dams: PM Abiy

Addis Ababa May 30/2021 (ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said Ethiopia will build over 100 small and medium dams in various regional states in the coming new fiscal year.

Addressing the launching ceremony of the first phase of the Adama-Awash 60 kilometers expressway, which targeted to enhance the socio-economic integration with Djibouti and other neighboring countries, Abiy said working hand-in-hand is the only way to resist any forces against Ethiopia.

The nation is set to build over 100 small and medium dams in various regions by the coming Ethiopian budget year which targeted to produce agricultural products three times per year thereby ensure food security, the premier noted.

For the stated plan to be realized, Abiy said Ethiopians from all walks of life have to join hands to achieve such crucial ambitions and other developmental programs.

Regarding Ethiopia`s relation with the rest of the world, Abiy affirmed that diplomacy is the manifestation of the East African nation as it is one of founding members of the then OAU and United Nations.

The recent voices hearing against Ethiopia are just not fact-based on the ground and it undermines Ethiopia`s long-term-diplomatic relations on the global stage, it was indicated.

Whatever the case, Abiy added Ethiopia will be transformed and prosperity will be its manifestation in the coming years. He stressed “unity is critical.”


Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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