Ethiopia Reports Highest Record of COVID-19 Fatalities in Single Week

Ministry of Health disclosed that the nation has reported 308 fatalities over the past one week alone due to COVID-19, the highest since the outbreak of the pandemic was first reported in the country.


Health Minister Dr. Lia Taddesse said today that the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in the country is alarmingly increasing.


According to her, the total number of deaths due to the pandemic has reached close to 6,000.


The Minister stated that on average the nation has been reporting 44 deaths on daily basis.


Due to this high number of fatalities, Ethiopia is now the second most affected country in Africa, she added.


The occurrence of COVID-19 Delta variant in Ethiopia and lack of caution to prevent the spread of the pandemic by the public are the reasons the minister attributed to the increase in the spread of the virus.


The reluctance of the public to get vaccinated against the virus and fake information being disseminated about the virus are the other reasons, the minister stated.


Lia pointed out that the possibility of death is high among those who have not yet vaccinated against the virus.


A survey conducted by the ministry on mid-June and mid-August found that almost all the fatalities reported were people not vaccinated.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency

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