Ethiopia Peace Keeping Forces under AMISOM Engaged in Commendable Mission

Addis Ababa The fourth round contingent of Ethiopian peace keeping forces deployed in Somalia is effectively carrying out its mission under the auspices of AMISOM, sources from Ethiopian sector command reported.

Brigadier General Asefa Chekol, Commander in Chief of Sector 3 of AMISOM peace Keeping Mission in Somalia said Ethiopian troops under AMISOM are effectively supporting the peoples and government of Somalia in ascertaining peace in the country.

The Commander in Chief added that the Ethiopian army is training Somali Police Forces, Militia and regular army deployed in the sector as part of a capacity building program and has also conducted a number of operations to annihilate units of Al-Shebaba terrorists operating in the country.

Brigadier General Asefa noted that Ethiopian peace keeping forces in the sector have so far sustained no casualties in their operation along with Somali forces and are fulfilling their mission in the most effective manner.

He noted that the Ethiopian Peace Keeping forces are well aware of the tactics employed by Al-Shebaba in inflicting losses in lives and properties in Somalia and have managed to curb their terrorist activities.

The commander in chief said in the fiscal year that has just ended, Ethiopian troops have detonated 56 bombs and booby traps planted by the terrorist forces along with its development programs including provision of potable water and relief food support from their ration in support of communities and IDPs its operation areas.

Now Baidowa has become a peaceful town frequented by ambassadors from various countries and we are working with representatives of various communities, clan leaders, youth and women groups and local administrative bodies as well as local security forces to ensure peace and tranquility in our operation area, the Commander in Chief said.

Over the last fiscal year, the Ethiopian peace keeping forces have either killed, put out of action 350 Al-Shebaba terrorists, ENA learnt.

AMISOM is operating in 6 sectors of Somalia while Sector 3 is under the command of the Ethiopian peace keeping forces.

AMIOSOM covers 74 percent of the land territory of Somalia and 4,000 strong Ethiopian armed forces are second to Uganda in the number of AMISOM troops deployed in the country.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency