ADDIS ABABA--The Ethiopian government and partner organizations are working to scale up the response to internally displaced people (IDPs), the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN-OCHA) says.

The Head of the Strategic Communications Unit for the OCHA here, Choice Ufuoma Okoro, said here Thursday that the OCHA was committed to working with other partners to support the government's efforts in this regard.

She said OCHA, in collaboration with other UN System and international partners, is supporting the government's response to people displaced by ethnic-related conflict, particularly in the Gedeo-Guji conflict which has resulted in close to one million people believed to be displaced.

Efforts have been made, in collaboration with the government, to provide temporary shelter, food, and medical treatment to the displaced people, she added.

She said OCHA is working to draw the attention of partners and co-ordinate the response. Our role specifically has been advocacy for timely responses, she said.

Partners such as the United States and the European Union have provided assistance, while the Irish Embassy here has pledged to extend support to the response.

There is funding which is coming now, partners are recognizing that need and there is an increasing funding right now. It is not there yet, but that's why we are here for; to work with the government to continue to draw attention to the need to ensure there is timely and appropriate response to the IDP situation, recognizing the government's priority is to resettle and facilitate the return of population that is displaced, she said.

She expressed appreciation for the Ethiopian government and people for taking the initiative and the lead role in supporting the displaced people.

We recognize the commitment of Ethiopians to take care of their own people. We note the hospitality of Ethiopians to their own people and I think in the humanitarian response that is the core of solution and that's what we have seen here, she noted.