Ethiopia Partakes in ?ZM?R International Tourism Fair

Ethiopia took part the 13th International IZMIR International Tourism Fair and Congress in Istanbul, which was held on December 5 to 7, 2019.

Ethiopia's thrilling tourist destinations were exhibited through posters, banners and brochures along with a brief explanation to the visitors.

Visitors have been briefed with the first Muslim settlement in Africa, Al-Najashi mosque, the national parks, and the prominent historical sites of the churches of Lalibela, the Aksum stelae, the castles in Gondar and Jogol of Harar.

Investment opportunities of the tourism sector and the Government's incentives to FDI were also explained to those who showed interest in the tourism business.

Turkish officials visited the Ethiopian booth notably the Governor of Izmir Erol Ayildiz and the Mayor of Izmir Tunc Soyer.

Source: Ethiopia News agency