Ethiopia Launches New Mobile-Payments Service

Addis Ababa May 11/2021 Ethio Telecom has taken a further step into the fintech market by launching its every first mobile-payment service today.

The new service, Tele Birr, is a community-friendly and comprehensive mobile money transfer and trading system that aimed to boost financial service inclusion in the country.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, regional heads of state and senior government officials have attended the launching ceremony held this evening in Addis Ababa.

The mobile-payment service will allow customers to send, receive and purchase money using their mobile phones on all networks, both locally and internationally.

The service is a typical solution for the existing limitation of financial access as only 35 percent of Ethiopian population has access to financial services so far, it was learned.

It further promotes to have healthy financial flow and will help the country to transform towards a sustainable digital economy.

The service is also a fast and convenient money-transfer system, available throughout the country and accessible to everyone with a mobile phone, it was indicated.

Tele-birr mobile services at its initial phase enable the 53 million Ethio-telecom subscribers throughout the country.


Source: Ethiopian News Agency


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