Ethiopia, Israel Higher Learning Institutions Sign MoU to Work in Partnership

Addis Ababa Israeli Galilee International Management Institute and Ethiopian Hope University College today signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that enables them to work in partnership.

The MoU was signed by Hope University College President, Terefe Feyera and President of Galilee International Management Institute, Joseph Shevel, in Addis Ababa where Israeli Ambassador to Ethiopia, Raphael Morav presided over the signing ceremony.

It will also help both sides to have shared academic programs including jointly delivering courses and develop combined curriculum and staff-engagements, it was indicated.

Moreover, the two parties will work together to establish a joint Ethio-Israeli University College in the long term as part of their cooperation.

The MoU is expected to boost up knowledge and experience exchanges between Ethiopian and Israeli students beyond strengthening the long standing relationship between Ethiopia and Israel that dates back to Queen of Sheba of Ethiopia and King Solomon of Israel.

Galilee International Management Institute is an Israeli private higher international institute established in 1987 and currently has diverse branches in 170 countries.

Source: Ethiopia News agency