Ethiopia is Not Under Any Legal Obligation to Provide Justifications for Its Decisions: Amb. Taye

The government of Ethiopia is not under any legal obligation to provide justifications or explanation for its decisions, according to Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to the United Nations, Taye AtskeSelassie.

In his statement at the open meeting of the United Nations Security Council, Ambassador Taye said the UN staff Ethiopia expelled sidelined their oaths, the rules of professional conduct, and the principles of humanitarian assistance.

The Ambassador stated that he is surprised with the convening of the meeting of the Security Council on decision of a sovereign state exercised within the domain of international law and sovereign prerogative.

“There have been several instances where governments had expelled the UN staff and other diplomatic envoys for so many disclosed and undisclosed reasons,” he said.

According to UN General Assembly Resolution 46/182, the sovereignty, territorial integrity and national unity of States must be fully respected in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, Taye stated.

“When we appeal for support and work with the UN, or other humanitarian operators, we have not forgone these fundamental rights,” Taye stressed.

Therefore, the government will continue exercising its due right and responsibility on monitoring and screening all humanitarian operators in Ethiopia. “Any suggestion to the contrary is unacceptable,” he said.

The misconduct of few individual doesn’t speak to the professional; rather it speaks of serious ethical dilemma that existed in the humanitarian operation in Ethiopia for the past 11 months.

“These individuals executed the conspiracy created by the TPLF and rescues the criminal group.”

These individuals assisted in fabrication of false allegations submitted to the UNSC at the white paper. The white paper contain unfounded allegation including the use of hunger as a weapon, according to ambassador Taye.

“About two weeks ago, they reported 12 individuals died of hunger in IDP camp while the organization running the IDP camp, an internal organization itself came out and state the allegation as simply false,” he stated.

They openly conducted activities in support of TPLF, a group prescribed as terrorist and make political statement that instigate violence and inflame the conscious of Ethiopian public.

“Expulsion is not primarily our course of action. In multiple occasions, we explained our concerns to UN officials,” he said adding that “we believe UN agencies and their honorable role are undermined by this few individuals.”

The ambassador requested the UN to deploy new staff that adhere to their professional code of conduct and who would distance themselves from political mercenary.

The government of Ethiopia stands ready to assist expatriate deployment of the replacement, he affirmed.

He also requested the UN to review all the reports, statements and assessments that were produced on the situation in Ethiopia in the past year.

“This reports, data and information they contain must be verified. This audit is necessary for us to build and sustain trust and advance the exemplary cooperation between the Ethiopian government and UN,” he said.

The UN is an invaluable development in humanitarian partner for Ethiopia for many years, Ambassador Taye underscored.

He assured the UNSC that the new Ethiopian government established with the popular will and mandate of Ethiopian people to herald peace and prosperity stands ready to work with international community to address longstanding and current challenges.

“We welcome and value initiative by leaders of our region, the AU and support of the UN Secretary General towards sustaining peace and stability in Ethiopia.”

He has also assured that Ethiopia will facilitate the visa request. No one should doubt the Ethiopian tradition of hospitality. “What we asked is respect, dignity, honesty and open and kind discussion,” Ambassador Taye underlined.

“As we did in past, we will always stretch our hands to all those who treat us with dignity and equality,” he added.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency