Ethiopia, Germany Parliamentarians Share Experiences

Addis Ababa A German parliamentarian delegation led by Christoph Matschie held discussion today with their Ethiopian counterparts at the Capital Hotel.

During the occasion, House of People's Representatives (HPR) Deputy Speaker Shitaye Minale said the German delegation shared their experiences on empowering women in parliament and the organization of standing committees.

She added that the HPR needs to share experiences in ways of tackling good governance, sustainable development and monitoring executive bodies as they are the challenges the people want to be resolved. Hence the parliament wants to learn from experiences of Germans.

MP Christoph Matschie said on his part Germany wants to work with Ethiopian parliament to share their experiences.

He added that the German Parliament has an oversight security and intelligence special committee that is not normally known by the public but by the parliament.

Matschie noted that unbelievable and very positive reform has been going in Ethiopia and that is the reason we are here to support the process of the reform like legislation process and foreign investment.

The House of People's Representatives has set up a committee to revise the procedures of the parliament, widen political space, and sign memorandums of understanding between all ministries and standing committees of parliament on areas of improving accountability and transparency, it was learned.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency