Ethiopia: Gedeo and West Guji Displacement Snapshot (as of March 2019)

An estimated 620,747 people are displaced due to the conflict in Gedeo (SNNP region) and West Guji (Oromia region).

Two emergency operation centers (EOCs) were established in Dilla Town (Gedeo) and Bule Hora (West Guji).


620,747 Number of IDPs in Gedeo (267,403) and West Guji (353,344).

15.5% Percentage of IDPs living in 62 collective centers/sites in Gedeo (33,590) and West Guji (62,573).


In Gedeo, 75.3.% of IDPs come from Kercha woreda in West Guji zone of whom 116,764 (58%) come from five kebeles (Dibisa, Sera saba, Egu abay, Bilida bukisa,Egu abay,Ela farida) out of 23 kebeles.

In West Guji 57% of IDPs are displaced within the same zone. 36.4% of IDPs are displaced from Gedeb Woreda in Gedeo of whom 100,452 (95%) come from three kebeles (Chelchele, Banko didatu and Harmufo) out of 12 kebeles.


Gedeo: Since the start of the Government led return process in Gedeo in 2018, access to over 21,073 IDPs in Gottiti Collective Centers (Gedeb woreda) continues to be challenging as these IDPs were not officially recognized until recently. For nearly three months the humanitarian community could not access these IDPs to distribute food and provide shelter. However, in mid-March, response to these IDPs was authorized and the humanitarian community initiated distribution of food and provision of emergency shelter & NFI kits.

West Guji: In January and early February 2019, several incidents were reported related to humanitarian access constraints. Majority of the incidents occurred in Kercha, Gelana, Hambela Wamena and Bule Hora woredas. Many IDP hosting kebeles in West Guji zones far from the center of the woreda towns remain only partially accessible. As result of these incidents, food distribution to those kebeles in Gelana and Birbirsa Kojowa woreda were delayed for nearly two months.

Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs