Ethiopia Foils Unwarranted Diplomatic Pressures in Current FY: Spokesperson of MoFA

Ethiopia foiled the unwarranted diplomatic pressures of some international actors with strong collaboration among the government and the people both at home and abroad during the current Ethiopian Fiscal Year, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Ambassador Dina Mufti said.

Ambassador Dina told ENA that some foreign powers had undermined all efforts taken by the government to maintain peace within the country.

Despite all the coordinated pressures imposed on Ethiopia especially during the current Ethiopian budget year by some international actors including the international institutions like the UNSC, Dina noted that Ethiopians at home and abroad were stood firm to defend their nation.

The government and the people at home and the Diaspora community have defended all the politically motivated pressures in a devoted, coordinated and patriotic manner to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nation, according to the spokesperson.

Praising all the struggles of Ethiopian Diaspora in defending their country at all cost across the world especially with the famous ‘No-More’ movement, he said their rally against foreign interference has empowered the country’s diplomacy.

This fiscal year was a year that proved the fact that Ethiopia has a committed people and leadership that fight for the protection of the sovereignty of the country, the spokesperson affirmed.

It was also a year in which members of the Ethiopian Diaspora have demonstrated their readiness to stand up for their country in times of crisis, he stated.

Highlighting that it was a year in which Ethiopia took lessons in the field of diplomacy, he thanked all the countries that stood by Ethiopia during in need of support.

Accordingly, diplomatic efforts will continue to communicate the truth about the current situation in Ethiopia for countries that were misguided by coordinated disinformation and misinformation to return to the right path.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency