Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia Sign Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement

Asmara Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia have signed joint Declaration Agreement on Comprehensive Cooperation on Wednesday.

Signing of the joint declaration agreement on comprehensive cooperation after Eritrean President IsaiasAfeworki, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed of Somalia held tripartite summit on the enhancement of regional ties of partnership in Asmara.

Sharing close ties of geography, history, culture, religion and vital common interests the peoples of Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea need to further respect each other's independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.

The Governments of Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea, with the desire to bolster their historical ties and achieve their lofty objectives have agreed to foster comprehensive cooperation to advances their peoples, build close political, economic, social, and cultural and security ties, to work in coordination to promote regional peace and security, and establish a Joint High-Level Committee to coordinate the Joint Declaration.

Eritrea is edifying fresh buoyant relations with neighbors Ethiopia and Somalia by bringing the leaders of its former arch-foes in a tripartite summit in Asmara

Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed arrived in Port city of Assab, Eritrea on Wednesday for a two-day working visit after attending the 7th Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in Beijing, China.

Likewise, Somalia's President Mohamed Abdullahi also arrived in Asmara to heighten relations with neighboring Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency