Ethiopia Education Cluster Quarterly Newsletter #3 | Sept 2022

Ministry of Education (MoE) said enrollment rate fell by 45 % against the target set for the new academic year 2022/2023 which has commenced in September 20221. This indicates the negative impacts on learning because of the conflicts, drought and flood. Based on the education cluster data, a total of 2,977,752 (G- 48%) children are Out- Of -School (OOSC). In addition, 1.3 M children are affected due to same reasons; yet continuing their education; There is a high risk of adding this 1.3 M with the OOSC if we fail to provide appropriate support/ interventions on time. Education is a right of every child, and this is the best investment we can make to save children lives and end the cycles of poverty, hunger, inequality, violence, instability, and peacebuilding. Beyond learning, education supports the overarching humanitarian goal of saving lives and protecting the most vulnerable and can contribute to peace and security through possibilities for more stable and sustainable futures, both individually and across communities.

Flood is also impacting the learning in Gambella,
Amhara, Afar, SNNP (Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’), SWEP (South West Ethiopia People),
Sidama and Oromia regions. 70,000 children in Gambella are not in school due to flood effect and almost 125 schools (27% of the schools in Gambella) did not open for new academic year due to flood effect.


Source: UN Children’s Fund


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