Ethiopia: East and West Wellega (Oromia), Kamashi and Assosa (BG) Displacement Snapshot As of 30 June 2019

Following the inter-communal conflict that erupted in Kamashi zone, Benishangul Gumuz region on 26 September 2018, there was massive displacement of people (majority being women and children) triggering protection concerns. According to information received from the Zonal Disaster Risk Management Office (ZDRMO), at the height of the crisis, there were 202,952 IDPs with 59 collective sites. There are currently 3,449 IDPs in West Wellega zone in four sites.

Return of IDPs to their area of origin started in April 2019 and the returning operation is now completed. According to ZDRMO, a total of 179,925 IDPs have returned to their area of origin: Kamashi (51,843), Assosa (12,751) and border areas of East Wellega (86,042) and West Wellega (29,289). However, according to information received from returnees over the phone, an estimated 12,900 of IDPs have returned back from Kamashi zone to East and West Wellega zones into host communities due to lack of basic services. However, this figure has not yet been confirmed by the authorities. OCHA is attempting to verify the exact figure on the number of secondary IDPs for better assistance and response. During the conflict, the region has also experienced violence and damage of properties.

Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs