Ethiopia: East and West Hararge Displacement Snapshot As of April 30 2019

East and West Hararge zones host more than 291,000 IDPs. 92% of the IDPs are living within host communities and spontaneous sites. The poor performance of the 2019 spring, bailg rains in East and West Hararge zones already resulted in critical water shortages in lowland woredas and IDP sites. Displacement were due to localized intercommunal conflict since 2015, the majority of the IDPs are the result of Oromia-Somali boundary disputes that escalated in September 2017 in areas claimed by both Oromia and Somali regions.


Following peace conferences in late February 2019, in early March the Government (regional, zonal and woreda) initiated the return process in Babile woreda, East Hararge zone. The majority (55,000) of the Babile IDPs hosted in Babile town were to return to 10 kebeles of origin. By end March 2019, five transit sites were established by zone and woreda authorities who provided transportation support to the sites. In late March, zonal authorities indicated that lack of support could hinder the expansion of the return process, however reportedly completed the return of IDPs to Babile, including some 10,220 ethnic Somalis. By early May, authorities reported the return of nearly 103,000 IDPs throughout the zone. West Hararge zonal officials reported the return of nearly 55,000 IDPs in Chiro, Daro Lebu and Hawi Gudina woredas.


174,726 (60%)

Number of IDPs displaced within the same woreda in East Hararge (127,909, 55%) and West Hararge (46,817, 82%).

Most of the IDPs displaced in East and West Hararge were displaced within the same woreda. In East Hararge zone this accounts for nearly 128,000 IDPs (55%).

However, in regional boundary woredas (Babile, Chinaksen, Kumbi, Meru Muluke) the percentage of people who fled to larger towns stands at 80%. The IDPs hosted in East Hararge from Somali region are predominantly from Fafan zone. In West Hararge zone, some 47,000 IDPs (82%) were displaced within their woredas of origin into larger towns and IDPs from Somali region are from Fafan and Sitti zones.


291,353 displaced from East and West Hararge in other zones or regions. Most of the IDPs (71%) were displaced due to conflict and fled to Somali region (Fafart Ere, Siti zones). IPDs that have fled to other Oromia zones were displaced due to drought.

Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs


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