Ethiopia Confident in China’s Solid Commitment to Support Rehabilitation Efforts: Ambassador Teshome

Ethiopia’s Ambassador in China, Teshome Toga discussed ways of cooperation with Ambassador Jiang Jiang, Vice President of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC).

During the occasion, Ambassador Teshome briefed on the peace agreement reached between the Government of Ethiopia and the TPLF that was concluded in South Africa.

He further noted that the people of Ethiopia have always been keen to see a prosperous country built on peace and unity.

Stating that the Government has taken its maximum effort to rebuild destroyed infrastructure and rehabilitate and resettle the internally displaced citizens, Ambassador Teshome said the Ethiopian government is highly confident in China’s solid commitment to supporting Ethiopia in this regard.

The ambassador also pointed out that the Government of Ethiopia is working in coordination with humanitarian agencies to continue providing humanitarian aid in conflict affected areas.

Ethiopia’s Ambassador commended the government of China for its strong, consistent, and principled position regarding the internal affairs of Ethiopia in general and the conflict in Northern Ethiopia in particular.

Ambassador Jiang Jiang, on his part, expressed his gratitude for giving an explanation of the development of the current situation in Ethiopia, and he applauded the agreement on a peace deal.

He underlined that it’s impossible to achieve “prosperity without peace and peace without development’ and said Ethiopia, as a strategic partner of China, needs to enhance cooperation and jointly exert our efforts to realize the benefits of the two peoples.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency

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