Ethiopia Concludes Election Peacefully, Daily Life Continues

(ENA) Daily life has continued in Ethiopia after the peaceful conclusion of the long-awaited 6th general election on Monday.

The June 21 Ethiopian general election that had attracted more than 37 million voters, 46 contending political parties and more than 9000 candidates has successfully completed on Monday.

ENA reporters who were covering the election process observed the fact that voters turnout was very high that even forced the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) to extend voting time by more than 3 hours.

“All sections of society have gone out to cast their voice in our nation’s first free and fair election. … They showed the earnestness, commitment to peace and the democratic,” Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said on Tuesday.

Residents of Addis Ababa who talked to ENA expressed their joy for being part of “this historical event.”

Zenebe-work Shewa-tatek is one of the residents of the city, she casted her ballot yesterday after waiting a long queue.

She considers her participation in the election as a great contribution for a democratic change in the country.

According to her, this election is different from the previous ones in a number of aspects notably “it was democratic, fair and free.”

“The June 21 general election was very pleasant and calm. Voters were patiently waiting the long queues to cast their ballot. The respect they showed to one another was amazing that pregnants, elders and disabled persons were given priority to vote first. Off all the things the election was very peaceful. It was better than the previous elections; we also expect the same situation after the results,” Zenebe-work said.

The 25 years old Tizazu Mulatu also shares similar story with Zenebe-work.  The situation he had observed during the voting day describes the fact that how Ethiopians are determined to vote and engage themselves in the ongoing democratic process.

“I have waited for three hours to cast my ballot.  I was about to return to home thinking that the voting would be closed after 6. However, I decided to wait patiently after the electoral board announced the voting time was extended till 9 pm. And finally I was able to cast my ballot at 8 pm in the evening. In general June 21 was the day that Ethiopians have demonstrated their commitment to exercise democracy,” he elaborated.

Abreham Adenbo, a resident of Addis said, “I feel very happy when I see that everybody was active on the Election Day and today everybody resumed their regular activities without any dispute.”

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in his message on Monday commended Ethiopians for their commitment to peace and the democratic process they have demonstrated during the election.

Ballot counts have been concluded in most of polling stations in Ethiopia and preliminary results are being posted on Tuesday.


Source:  Ethiopia News Agency

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