EPRDF Executive Committee Starts Ordinary Meeting

Addis Ababa The Executive Committee of the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) started its ordinary meeting today.

The Executive Committee is expected to pass various decisions at the end of the meeting, Sadat Nasha, public and external relations head at Office of the EPRDF Council told ENA.

It is to be recalled that the executive committee in its last ordinary meeting held in June passed major resolutions that would help to stimulate the economy and restore peace with neighboring.

The decisions to open state-owned companies and public enterprises to domestic and foreign companies as well as normalize the situation with Eritrea were the major ones.

The economic reforms would allow companies to own shares of public enterprises engaged in railway, industrial parks, hotels, sugar and manufacturing industries.

Companies engaged in telecom, airline, electric generation, and shipping services are also subject to the reform.

The decision was passed in order to keep the momentum of the rapid economic growth, and improve export performance.

An Advisory Counci that would oversee the privatization process has already established by the Prime Minister this month.

The decision to normalize the relationship by fully implementing the Algiers agreement and decisions of the Eritrea´┐ŻEthiopia Boundary Commission, has already bears fruit.

The visit of a high level delegation led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to Asmara has changed years of frozen communication to peaceful relationship.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency