EPRDF Executive Committee says Reform Brings Desired Change

Addis Ababa The Executive Committee of the EPRDF announced that measures that have been taken to bring reform and the results gained so far are fruitful.

In a press statement it issued on Wednesday following the conclusion of its ordinary session held for three days, the Committee said the measures combined with the wise leadership have led to the achievements.

The Committee noted that achievements that are hard to gain within such a short period of time have gained as shortfalls in implementing decisions immediately and properly have been addressed.

The Committee noted that these achievements have gained the support of all Ethiopians and raised their hope for a better future.

Stating that the ongoing reform in the political, diplomatic, economic and social areas is enormous, the Committee underlined the need to consolidate it.

The Committee highlighted that measures taken to widen the political space have brought tangible results.

The release of prisoners, creating the situation for exiled political parties and armed groups to return home and continue to struggle peacefully, allow freedom of expression in every way including the media and opening of closed websites, are among the measures taken to ensure democracy.

Noting that efforts to revise laws that have been criticized for narrowing the political space and restricting freedom of expressions, are among the achievements, it underlined the need to enhance these efforts.

The Committee noted that the measures that have taken so far have helped to ensure relative peace in the country and avert the danger of disintegration.

It also acknowledged efforts exerted in the diplomatic area that enabled the country to normalize the relationship with Eritrea and enhance bilateral ties with other neighboring and Gulf countries.

It also evaluated that the reform has gained recognition from the international community and financial institutions.

The Committee has also evaluated that the measures taken to ease shortage in foreign exchange reserve have been fruitful and underlined the need to enhance efforts to address the problem.

It evaluated the existence of problems that are challenging the reform as well as tendencies and activities that would undermine the rule of law.

In this regard, the Committee has set direction for the need to take measures that will help to ensure law and order in the country.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency