EPRDF Council Evaluates Reform Measures

Addis Ababa The Council of EPRDF has discussed on the current national issues, effectiveness of measures taken to bring reform.

The Council that met for the first time after Prime Minister Abiy took office evaluated that the decisions that measures taken following the change in leadership are popular and constitutional.

The Council at its two-day deliberation has noted that the measures have brought significant achievements in political, diplomatic and social areas within a short period of time.

It mentioned the measures taken to stabilize the country, widen political space and end hostility with Eritrea and smoothen the relationship between the Ethiopian government and the Diaspora, which was known to be antagonistic, as some of the fruits of the reform.

Noting that the measures taken to ease shortage of foreign currency reserve, to decrease inflation, control illegal trade and black market as well as encourage trade and investment are also successful.

The Council, which appreciated the achievements gained within short period of time, has also noted the existence of bottlenecks that could challenge the sustainability of the achievements gained so far.

The low performance of the foreign trade, which was mainly driven by shortage of foreign currency reserve; the country's diminishing capacity in relation to dept reimbursement; low tax collection capacity; as well as the tendency of rent seeking mentality and maladministration, are the major challenges.

In this regard, the Council has set direction on the need to sustain the ongoing efforts to resolve the problems in order to sustain the reform.

The Council that deliberate on the need to properly lead the change, has underlined the need to build institutional capacity, and making the reform institutionalize.

In this regard, the Council has decided to continue the ongoing reform in organizational, administrative and legal sectors.

The Council has also set direction to hold a reform that would help to make the justice system, electoral board and security agencies free and impartial.

The Council has also discussed on the report and directions to be presented for the 11th Council to be held at the beginning of October in Hawassa, Southern Ethiopia.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency