ECSU Graduates Students

Ethiopian Civil Service University colorfully graduated more than 2500 students with Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral Degrees on the 17th July 2021 in the presence of His Excellency Ato Ahmed Shide Minister for Ministry of Finance, His Excellency Ato Bezabih Gebreyes, Civil Service Commission Commissioner, State ministers and other higher government officials and the University Community. Among the graduates 154 are diplomats graduated with post Graduate diploma. The graduate diplomats attended their education in collaboration with Ministry of Foreign affair under the school of Diplomacy at ECSU.

In his Keynote Address, Ato Ahmed Shide, Minister for Ministry of Finance and guest of honor, congratulated the graduates the family of the graduates and the university community. He also noted that, in order to realize the development of the country, it is important to improve the efficiency and productivity of the human capital through continuous change in knowledge, skills and attitudes and build a comprehensive implementation capacity at the national level. In this regard, the Ethiopian Civil Service University has exerted its efforts to support the sector through education, research, training and consultancy services; and contributed a lot in producing professionals and filling the gap between regions where the civil service sector in the country are lagging behind in terms of operational and organizational structure since 1995.

The government highly appreciates the University for its effort to support our country’s trained human resource development strategy by launching different educational and training programs including tax and customs, urban development, government finance, diplomacy, leadership and administration and other sector-specific programs Ato Ahmed added. He also expressed his gratitude to the faculty and staff of the university for their efforts to create a professional who are committed to government policies and strategies so far and to transform the capacity in to practice  in the  Civil service sector.

In his opening remarks, Ethiopian Civil Service University President, Professor Fikre Dessalegn, congratulated the graduates for their great achievements passing through the pressure of COVID-19 pandemic. He also said that ECSU has been contributing significantly towards creation of professional civil servants in the country for the past twenty seven years. It has also contributed for human capital development with more than 50 thousand alumni. In addition the university has trained and built the capacity of number of civil servants from neighboring countries and with this endeavor it played a significant role in strengthening the relation and solidarity among the counties in the horn of Africa and become the pride of our country, Professor Fikre noted. Following the all rounded reform taken in our country, we are pushing ahead for the transformation of our university and working to become more than ever accessible in our teaching learning activities, training and consultancy services to the public. Based on the reform we undertaken in our admission criteria, we are now accessible to all public servants without any discriminations. This and other related reform works made us a preferable university by the public at large and increased our reliability by our stakeholders, Professor Fikre added.

According to him , ECSU in collaboration with Ethiopian Civil Service Commission, has been preparing the basic and technical competency framework for the center for Human Resource Competency  assessment and Evaluation and has given services for 104 institutions in the past budget year. The university has also finalized its preparation and become ready to start by this summer ‘Summer Youth Capacity Building Training Program’ by giving a special emphasis to youth civil servants under the age of 32. In order to become the most preferable and accessible institution, the university has embarked in building internal capacity of the university in all aspects, in human resource developments, huge infrastructure developments and the like.

He also reminded the graduates to properly apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes they have got while their stay in the university and serve the community and contribute their shares in the transformation of the country at large.

Finally the guest of honor, Ato Ahmed Shide handed out awards and degrees for graduates and Gold medals to graduates with distinction.


Source: Ethiopian Civil Service University


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