Economic Ties b/n Ethiopia, Morocco Flourishing

Addis Ababa The economic tie between Ethiopia and Morocco has been showing significant progress from time to time, an Ethiopian official said.

Ethiopian Ambassador to Morocco Yeshi Tamerat told ENA that the economic relationship between the two countries has been flourishing.

She mentioned the increasing Moroccan investment in Ethiopia since the past two years including investments by Anwar Invest Group and Holmarcom Group, the country's top investors.

According to her, the agreement signed between the two countries has helped to improve the tie in the economic sector.

Ethiopia mostly imports fertilizer from Morocco, while the latter has huge market for coffee and oil seeds, which constitute the major export items of Ethiopia.

According to her, preparation to export these items to Morocco including facilitating transport and other facilities is being undertaken.

Noting that North African countries including Morocco and Tunisia have best practice in the development of industrial parks, the Ambassador said Ethiopia could get a good lesson from their experience.

Ethiopia and Morocco have strong cooperation in the agricultural sector.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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