EABC Eyes Manufacturing Light, Low Cost Agricultural Machinery

Addis Ababa Ethiopian Agricultural Business Corporation (EABC) is set to manufacture light and low cost agricultural machinery in Ethiopia to increase production and productivity across the country.

Speaking to journalists today, Ethiopian Agricultural Business Corporation CEO, Kefyalew Berhanu said EABC is eying to manufacture light and low cost agricultural machinery in Ethiopia through joint ventures.

Mentioning the low capacity of Ethiopia to manufacture small-size tractors, mini-power tillers and small farm equipment, the corporation is looking to working in joint venture with foreign companies, he said.

EABC is ready to provide land, marketing service, trained manpower and also contribute modest capital, he indicated.

Manufacturing light and low cost agricultural machines is indispensable for Ethiopia to reduce the cost of importing, he stated, adding that imported equipment are now beyond the reach of most farmers owing to cost of machinery.

Therefore, the corporation would like to manufacture machinery which can be easily driven by small motors, animals and human beings, Kefyalew said.

In March 2016, the government carved the corporation to support agriculture through the amalgamation of five state-owned enterprises engaged in agriculture under a corporate structure, it was learnt.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency