Dire Dawa Dry Port Inaugurated to Streamlining Ethiopia’s Logistics Services

The Dire Dawa Dry Port and Terminal, built with the total outlay of 3.5 billion Birr inaugurated today in the presence of senior government officials.

The modern dry port is built to facilitate the activities of Ethiopia’s logistics service.

The port, which is also built on 34 hectares of land, is anticipated to play an important role in the overall economy by promoting domestic and foreign trade activities as well as maximizing foreign currency revenues.

Dire Dawa Dry Port has a terminal, warehouses, a three-story building offices, railway lines, and other vital facilities.

As there is a shortage of warehouses in the horn African nation and it has made it difficult for cargo vehicles to move cargo fast, this inaugurated port would enable handling of more than 150 trucks on a daily basis.

Moreover, the port has also two warehouses that accommodate parking for 140 vehicles at a time as well as a railway connecting the port with the Ethio-Djibouti railway line.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency